What are the best luggage brands in India?

Do you love travelling? Well, all of us do. Let it be a holiday trip or a business meeting we always want a hassle-free and comfortable travel. Do you think the checklist of travelling ends up with the commutation plans and accommodation?

It’s time to realize that the perfect luggage bags is also a priority. I hope this article would help you to find out your ideal best luggage brands in India before you plan your next trip. Let’s discuss this in detail.

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Things to consider to buy a luggage bag

  • Just before you buy a bag ponder over the reason why you are making this purchase. Well, every occasion demands a different sort of bags. First, decide the type of luggage bag you need, either it’s going to be a beautiful square-shaped bags, duffel bags, backpacks, travel bags or briefcase.
  • If your model of transportation is through flight, do look for the restrictions of luggage weight with the airlines. It will save you so much time.
  • It’s smarter to pick a lightweight travelling bag than a heavy one. You can either choose a hard shell or a softshell. The hard shell is perfect for security reasons, and the soft shell is ideal for flexibility.
  • Choose a compact luggage bag so that it can be placed easily either in an aeroplane cabin or a car. If you want to save more space, you can go to the collapsible suitcase.
  • Don’t forget to look for wheels and comfortable handles in the luggage bag. You will feel grateful for buying it.
  • Go for bags with bright colours or try to personalize your luggage bags as you can spot your bag easily.
  • Always look for the quality of the bags more than the price. Of course, luggage bags are long term investments, and you can’t compromise durability for the price.

American Tourister

American Tourister

American Tourister is one leading brand that you can never ignore in the list of best brands in India. The brand combines top-notch design and affordable pricing that makes American Tourister extremely popular in India. The bag is built of polycarbonate material that gives the bag high durability.

The bag comes with great features like sturdy wheels, two internal compartments, a retractable handle, the number lock and a functional storage capacity of up to 90 litres. More than just comfort, it also comes in bright attractive shades that make a perfect combo for your happy trips. The best part is that it is firm and durable against daily wear and tear with water-resistant features. These trolley bags are ideal for your long vacations.


Safari luggage bag

Safari is leading the Indian market since 1974. More than 40 years have passed, but still, it is one of the favourite brands of India and course it is an Indian product. Safari manufactures both soft and hard luggage bags.

If you are looking for luggage bags for short trips, try considering the Safari Unisex Maroon Regloss as it is perfect for short trips. The hard luggage bags are built of materials like Polypropylene and Poly Carbonate giving high durability to the bags. The bags are scratch resistant, and the combination of locks offers you high protection.

The safari bags are easy to carry as they come with a top handle in addition to a retractable handle. The attachment of inline skate wheels can turn up to 360 degrees to give you the perfect carrying experience.

More than just comfort, durability and good looks the Safari’s price range is also affordable. Hence Safari is one of the preferred choices of the business community.

United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton are the stylish destination of Indian travellers. It comes with uncompromising quality and elegant mind-blowing designs. The quality is just remarkable. The signature product of this brand is the sunshine yellow trolley bag, which has an excellent and stunning outlook in its bright colours.

If you are particular about the looks in addition to the quality you can never get this brand. It consists of a four-wheel that can rotate 360 degrees that smoothly runs fast along with you. You can find three different handles one on the top, on the side and the retractable handle is the other one you can pull along with the other handles.

Tomy Hilfiger

Tomy Hilfiger

More than just an excellent outlook this product comes with a robust and lightweight plastic that is strong enough to face all the wear and tear of your travelling days. There are a lot of good reasons to buy Tomy Hilfiger while the best idea is its attractive outlook.
It is also comfortable to carry and fits all your travelling needs when you are commuting through aeroplanes or cars.

It is quite famous for its handy and cosy outlook. The quick-release strap system is the best part of the luggage.



Wildcraft can always be found in the list of top luggage bags for its popularity among the Indians. It is ideal for business travelling, hiking or any leisure activity you are up to do. It comes with surprising durability and utility space.

Wildcraft is keen on concentrating upon every detail and stylizing that’s required to make this product trending and stand out from its competitors. It is ideal for people who love adventure activities like mountain biking, hiking, and cycling.

If you are looking for a lightweight bag with very high durability and weight capacity, it is ideal for you. The rucksack kind of bag is perfect for adventurists, travellers. More than just backpacks and duffels bags Wildcraft is also popular with its duffel bags that are easy to carry

Quechua Forclas

Quechua Forclas

You can also find an enormous variety of backpacks that look trendy and highly efficient. Most of the bags can withhold up to 5 litres. The best part is these bags are water-resistant and do have a protective layer that protects all your belonging inside. It is ideal for all your weekend trips. The bags are incredibly comfortable and don’t have a hard shell exterior. It is a lightweight bag, with multiple compartments.

There are many adjuster straps to fit all your adventure needs. Can you believe that this bag comes with a 10 – year guarantee? Do you want to find another reason for its popularity!



Skybags are one of the leading brands on the international level. It is an Indian brand that comes from the VIP industry. It is the stylish destination of modern youth. These bags will satisfy all your travelling needs, whether you are looking for luggage bags for business, motorcycling or travelling purposes.

The brand has also explored the arena of women’s handbags. It is a perfect reflection of artistry and craftsmanship. It also comes with high durability and a stylish outlook. To look back, the company started with producing cheaper suitcases, but now they are dominating the whole luggage bags industry.



It is the best business travel bag that you can ever have in India. It has won the trust of millions of travellers in India with its elegant outlook and high efficiency. VIP is the world’s second-largest luggage bag producer. We all know about this brand since every household had one or more bags that belonged to this brand. Since then, VIP has been popular to date for its high quality and durability.

The company sells nearly 60 million luggage bags in the network of around 8,000 retail outlets only in India. We can never ignore the fact that other leading brands like Skybags and Carlton is a part of the VIP industries. You can go to purchase the VIP bag collections without giving it a second thought.



Here comes another brand that has set high-quality standards as well. Aristocrat has been offering high-quality bags to its customers for a long time now. These bags are trendy for their range of business bags and laptop bags. Moreover, the company also produces luggage bags and travel bags, duffels, backpacks, and messenger bags.

Aristocrat is one of the favourite brands of Indians because of its attractive outlook and long-lasting nature. The curved bags are ideal for sports needs with large spacious compartments. It is perfect for college trips and short vacations. The trolley bags have 2 wheels and a comfortable retractable handle.


Samsonite bag

Samsonite International brand. Was started back in 1910. Right from that, their primary focus changed into manufacturing lower-priced baggage. Through the years, they ventured into different niches (for instance, furniture), however, they weren’t too a success there.

Nowadays, Samsonite is the maximum popular luggage logo on the market (3 times bigger than the second region, Lois Vitton.) An excessive portion of their income comes from Samsonite retail shops, which might be available in nearly any metropolitan metropolis throughout the globe.

Final Words:

Travel gives us a lot more enjoyment and fun than we anticipate. Never let your luggage bags become a hindrance in your trips. Here we have listed the best luggage brands in India. Every brand fits the different needs of people with ease and comfort.

If you are looking for the best luggage brands in India, this list will surely help you to find the perfect luggage bag. There are plenty of bags and brands to explore, so get excited to find the best one for you! Hurray!

Which luggage brand is best in India?

There are a few brands we think are trustworthy & reliable. Some of the are below:

1. American Tourister
2. Safari
3. United Colors of Benetton
4. Tomy Hilfiger
5. Wildcraft
6. Quechua Forclas
7. Skybags
8. VIP
9. Aristocrat
10. Samsonite

Which is better VIP or safari?

Both of these designs have their unique advantages and disadvantages and it’s up to you to choose which one you find most appealing.

Is Safari an Indian brand?

Started as a partnership firm in 1974 to manufacture plastic moulded luggage at Bombay Safari Industries (India). SIIL became a private limited company in 1980 and a public limited company in February of 1988.

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