4 Best E-Book Reading Devices

4 Best EBook Reading Devices


Books are considered to be our Best Friends. Or at least that’s what I read in childhood. From Books, we could learn many things. Books also help us in understanding things which are beyond our Imagination, like The Universe. Reading is very useful. No matter what you read, it will benefit you in some way for sure. Reading helps you in Learning new things, improves your Memory and Communication Skills, and you also get introduced to different authors and their way of telling the stories.

One of the Most Important Thing a Book can do is make us Smart(er).

We are currently in the 21st Century. The Century of Technological Advancements. Everything we used to do earlier has either become smaller in size or faster in speed or both. For example, the Computers we see and use now are much smaller than the size of 20th Generation Computers which were known as Super Computers. They are smaller and much faster than their predecessors were. The Phones we use are also a version of the Computers as we can do many things on them, just like we do in Computers except in Small Screens.

Coming to the Topic now. E-Books are the Digital Version of Books. Nowadays many people choose to read something on their Phones or Reading Devices rather than having a Physical Book, which can be Heavy or Big too, in their hands.

Best E-book Reading Devices, Amazon Kindle, Kobo Forma
E-Book means Electronic Book

Phones and Tablets have caught up to every hand now, apparently. Which is why Reading E-Books is no more a Trend among Readers. It’s a Reality.

There are many E-Reader Devices available in the Market which provide the Readers a better experience in Reading the Books on them.

Here are the 4 Best E-Book Reading Devices we recommend at Review Locker:


1. All-New Kindle (10th Gen)

Kindle is now a Common Word among E-Book Readers. Amazon controls 65% of the Ebook Market Share. It’s Kindle Unlimited Service allows Readers to get access to unlimited number of Ebooks for just 9.99 USD which is 700 INR approximately. For the Passionate Readers, it’s like a Lottery Ticket for them. They can get access to lots of Content for a nominal amount.


Being made from the Giant Amazon itself, the Reader can select from millions of Digital Books on the Platform including Best Sellers and New Releases. The Number of Books available there will make you feel… well, I guess you will find that out when you get your hands on Kindle. Get one, choose the E-Books you would like to go through and boom! You will have a Small and Portable Library of yourself ready to go with you.

A Single Battery lasts upto Weeks. Being a Prime Member unlocks more Options, so Good Luck with your Readventure.

4 Best E-Book Reading Devices, Amazon Kindle

2. Kobo Aura

This Device comes as a direct alternative to Kindle Paperwhite. With the 4GB Internal Storage in the Device, you can get 2000+ eBooks in it and start reading without actually holding a Big Book in your Hands. Kobo Aura comes with a 6” Inches Screen and weighs 200 grams.

Device will stay Awake for Weeks on Single Charge.

It’s smaller than Kindle PaperWhite, you can keep it in your back pocket too. It has a Wonderful Feature/Button called Beyond the Book which when pressed highlights Important Informations in the Content you are reading. Kobo Aura’s Price is quite similar to Kindle PaperWhite, depending from where you purchase it. But it’s Worth It.

4 Best E-book Reading Devices, Kobo Forma, Review Locker

3. Sony DPT-RP1/B Digital Paper

This is the one of the best alternatives of Kindle. Sony DPT-RP1/B is the World’s Thinnest Letter-Sized Tablet Device, which is as thin as 30 sheets of paper.

It provides an easy Drag-N-Drop Feature through which you can Transfer Documents via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the Digital Paper App installed on your Computer.

It’s Projective Capacitive Touchscreen allows “Pen/Pencil” Writing and Erasing.

Battery can stay undead upto 1 Week on Wi-Fi being On. If the Wi-Fi is Off, the Duration can be extended. 

4 Best E-Book Reading Devices, Sony DPT-RP1/B Digital Paper, Review Locker

4. NOOK by Barnes and Noble

The Best Ever eReader from Barnes and Noble and you will know why this one made it to this List below.

NOOK has most advanced Ambient GlowLight Technology which makes the Reading Better in equally spread light. It’s both Water-Proof and Dust-Proof, so whether it’s Raining in the Valleys or the Sandy Breeze blowing in the Beach, you can keep NOOK handy.

The Body is made of Aluminium, making it Durable and LightWeight(still 363g) too.

Brief: The eReader is 6”, Scratch-Free, Finger-Print Resistant, has Glare-Free Screen, Long Battery Life keeping the Device awake upto 6 Weeks on Single Full Charge.

4 Best E-Book Reading Devices, NOOK, Review Locker

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