top 9 best running shoes in india under 1000

Best Running Shoes in India under 1000?

Most people consider shoes to be of primary functionality, i.e., to protect our feet while we move around. But our feet are designed in a way that walking or running on most terrains is possible for us without shoes. So, I believe shoes have far more utility than their mere function. They are an indicator of identity, style, and expression that its wearer wants to associate with while wearing them.

Sitting in a library a few days back, I couldn’t help but notice the array of footwear on display by people coming in. What I also realized was people paid a lot of attention to the clothes for their day. But they surely did not put in a lot of thought as what footwear would go with their attire. It isn’t surprising that shoes have always been an essential part of a person’s wardrobe, but their importance; mostly underestimated. 


With people trying to match up with fashion trends; shoes are now seen as essentials along with the rest of the attire. Shoes are far more versatile today, and you get to choose from a wide range of variety depending upon your requirements. Name the occasion, and you have shoes available for them.

Thinking along the same lines, let’s consider the shoes that are most common and omnipresent in our time: running shoes. Yes, that’s right! From celebrities and gym trainers to the general population; running shoes are one of those kinds that are present with everyone. They come in various colors and combinations, so people tend to have a lot of scopes to make choices and take home the ones they prefer over others. You may prefer having neutral colors in your footwear collection or neon colors in case you are an athlete. 

Running shoes put more emphasis on its utility and design with specialized technology best suited for running purposes. When you have a look at other activities, they involve your body moving from left to right or vice versa, up and down or with a sudden jolt of speed and an abrupt halt. Considering running, on the other hand, the contact of your feet with the ground is relatively similar throughout.

People may consider sneakers and running shoes to be the same, given that they look similar to each other. But the scenario, as mentioned above, is the most significant difference between the two. Running shoes are designed to prevent injury that can be caused by repetitive motion, unlike sneakers. Hence, running shoes are in demand all the time. With that being said, let’s have a look at the top 9 best running shoes in India under 1000 rupees for all.

Lotto Men’s Vertigo Running Shoes

Lotto Men's Vertigo Running Shoes

Keeping a keen eye for continuous innovations is the most significant characteristic of Lotto. They tend to collaborate with technology, the advanced design of their product, and their signature Italian style to bring the best in the market.

Lotto Men’s Vertigo shoes are the perfect partner for you. That is because these shoes are lightweight and best in the running shoe category.

Another attractive characteristic of these shoes is that their unique mesh design allows the feet to breathe.

So, you worry less about your feet getting sweaty or uncomfortable and focus more on your day-to-day activities. Therefore, these shoes are not only an excellent option for activities like running, but they are suitable for casual events as well.

For providing continual support and comfort during running sessions, these shoes have back sole. In addition to that, they have exceptional durability and give a casual look. Due to these reasons, they are quite popular among people.

Pro’s Con’s
Versatile and flexible Slippery sometimes
Price is reasonable Becomes soggy when in water
Soothing to wear

Essence Men’s Vc 3101 High Top Synthetic Shoes

Essence Men's Vc 3101 High Top Synthetic Shoes

Work in the corporate sector is tremendous, and honestly, there is no end to it. Employees are already under a lot of stress to reach their goals. What if the kind of footwear you go for is adding onto it? Well, that is not the case with Essence Men’s Vc 3101 High Top Synthetic Shoes.

You can go over to your workplace, move around all day, and still feel the comfort it tends to give away. Your feet do not sweat, nor does the shoe make you uncomfortable. It is possible due to the mesh material that is supple and makes it an excellent option for both sports or regular use.

Since it is versatile in terms of providing both a trendy office look and a sporty look; it is quite a popular choice among the youth population. The sole of these shoes gives comfort to the customer; but also helps in securing a grip that is firm and stable.   

All these features loaded in one single pair of shoes make them an essential choice for a customer and therefore; they go for it.

Pro’s Con’s
Light-weighted product Toe section design is narrow so this shoe may not be ideal for people with broad toes.
Utmost importance to protection and cushioning

Sparx men’s sm-323 dip canvas shoes

Sparx men's sm-323 dip canvas shoes

Coming to the demands of the current generation, it is hard to forget how they love that adrenaline rush in their bodies. Be it a casual look, party look, wedding look, or just your look every day; Sparx brings the best possible in you. It’s for those who do not run away from challenges and face them head-on.

On a theoretical level, Sparx, a Delhi-based company that is known to be versatile and delivering quality products to its customers for the past few years now. It is a sub-brand of Relaxo footwear alongside the Bahamas, Flite, and Schoolmate.

The array of footwear offered by Sparx is the best in its class for both comfort and style. It is the best partner you can have for running every day or occasionally. Especially in the case of Sparx men’s sm-323 dip canvas shoes. 

Its design and the functionalities that it provides to the customers is what attracts them the most. It provides you with all-around stability and with the premium quality of the sole inside; it is a very comforting experience for its customers. They tend to focus less on their feet and more on the task at hand.

For someone like me, these are the best kind of shoes I can have. They are not only the best for running purposes but also other outdoor activities like trekking, gym training, sports, and many others. Also, some added perks include the shoes being lightweight and having a proper grip on the ground.

The performance criteria by Sparx has been going ever since it made its debut in the market. They offer quite many trendy products to choose from for the customers and only the ones that can be trusted for their quality. Having acquired a proper name in the market place; it is among the most trusted brands in India. So, as the brand ambassador Akshay Kumar says,” go ahead and add Sparx to your life.”.     

Pro’s Con’s
Comfortable to walk around The utility of the shoe is limited to sports activities. Since the shoe’s look is quite sporty; it is really not a good choice to be worn in office settings.
Light-weighted Sand and dust can move into the shoe easily

Reebok Men’s Breeze Lp Running Shoes

Reebok Men's Breeze Lp Running Shoes

Reebok, a world-renowned company, never ceases to amaze its customers through their thoughtful projects. They have yet again proven why they are considered the best when it comes to footwear.  

Made exclusively to provide comfort and firm stability to the customer; Reebok Men’s Breeze Lp Running Shoes made their way in the market. Their sales have been thriving ever since. The product is no less than the earlier ones and comes loaded with numerous functionalities.

The design is trendy and sporty, which makes it an excellent choice for running and fitness training. These shoes are suitable for casual settings. The pump is quite flexible and light weighted for giving superior performance.

Also, a closer look at the design boasts neat finishing and eye-catching colors. The cushioning within the shoe provides comfort and provides space for air ventilation. Thus, it makes up to people’s list of favorite shoes.  

Pro’s Con’s
Reasonable price for purchasing. Sand and dust can move into the shoe easily.
Comfortable to walk in. The sole might not necessarily be of good quality.  

Afro jack Men’s Panther Series Mesh Running Shoes

Afro jack Men's Panther Series Mesh Running Shoes

Afro jack, who doesn’t know the name of this sports footwear brand in the Indian market. It is known for its innovative and trendy designs throughout the world. They manufacture shoes primarily for sports enthusiasts but this time; they have probably surpassed themselves.

Afro jack has introduced the Men’s Panther Series of mesh running shoes that give a sporty as well as a casual look. These are said to be high-performance shoes designed with exquisite technology and come with various functionalities under an affordable price.  

The mesh fabric allows the wearer to have a sense of comfort all the time and can move around freely. Its trendy design will enable individuals to use these shoes not only in offices spaces but also in parties.

This product is quite light weighted and has a good grip on smooth surfaces as well. Since a lot of thought has gone down into designing these shoes; they tend to be the best choice for fitness freaks.  

Pro’s Con’s
Quality of material used is good. Toe section design is narrow so this shoe may not be ideal for people with broad toes.
Comfort is provided in every step Become soggy when in contact with water making it difficult to walk in.

Asian Wonder-13 Grey Firozi Mesh shoes

Asian Wonder-13 Grey Firozi Mesh shoes

We live an era where shoes are not only used for preliminary functionality but rather they also showcase an individual’s expression, identity, and style. Hence, having a pair of shoes that can work well in both regular professional settings and casual setting; is a must for people.

For this purpose, the Asian Footwear company has introduced its Wonder-13 Grey Firozi Mesh shoes. They are next to perfect in their class and offer various comforting functionalities to their customers.

With premium quality of mesh weaving material; it offers two essential functions — the first to provide comfort while running or even walking. The second function is to provide space for your feet to breath that would otherwise result in bad odor.

Besides all these features; the design is unique, and a lot of thought has been given to color combination, i.e., making it stand out in the Indian market. The best part of these shoes is that the material is such superior quality that even rains cannot damage the shoes.

Its durability is unmatched and the quality of color or texture also, remain relatively the same throughout. These shoes come in various sizes, so fitting is not an issue. Being light weighted and under an economical cost of Rs. 1000; these shoes are an ideal choice for people.  

Pro’s Con’s
These shoes are quite durable. The sole is uncomfortable at times.
Reasonable price Double stitching at various places makes it look untidy.

Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running Shoes

Adidas Men's Drogo M Running Shoes

Adidas, a well-renowned name in the field of sports footwear, has always met the expectations of its customers. It is the only brand that I use when I have to consider going to the gym or just for running. So, in a way, the shoes by Adidas would require an introduction separately from the rest.

The range of Drogo M Running shoes is one of its kind.  Their material is so supple and flexible that you can wear the shoes all day and still not feel any discomfort.

The sole of these shoes provide a sturdy grip on all surfaces, and often; they are an excellent choice for consumers for jogging or running purposes. They come with unmatched durability, and there is a lot of space for ventilation purposes. Customers can choose from many products since these shoes are available in various colors and sizes.

In a nutshell, it is a package of the “best” shoes, so don’t wait up and buy them soon.

Pro’s Con’s
Flexible and Lightweight Cannot be used in professional settings due to its sporty look.
A suitable choice for fitness training. May lose grip on slippery surfaces
Quite durable

Layasa Men’s Air Series Mesh

Layasa Men's Air Series Mesh

Layasa is a brand trusted by many for sports and casual wear. So is the case for its Men’s Air Series Mesh Casual, Walking, Running/ Gym wear Shoes. Their exceptional quality of mesh provides flexibility and comfort to the wearer.  

These shoes are quite an excellent choice for not only running or sports training but also for walking. The shoes are lightweight that in turn provides more comfort regularly. There are various sizes and colors available for these shoes. I suggest you grab your pair today itself.

Pro’s Con’s
Light-weighted Material is not of very good quality.
Comfortable to be in for long durations. Due to its design; an additional cleaning method is required to keep them clean.

Asian Cosco Sports Running Shoes

Asian Cosco Sports Running Shoes

Another installment from the house of Asian footwear is the Cosco Sports Running Shoes. These shoes are explicitly designed keeping in mind about the excellent running experience a person can have. The mesh-design on the outside gives a stylish and trendy aura to the shoe. They are quite lightweight for a comfortable experience to the consumers.

Also, the texture and color tend to remain the same, even after being in use for long. People have trusted the brand for the quality of products delivered to them and continue to do so. The sole yet again provides safety from potential injury factors and helps in giving a comfort filled experience to the user.      

Due to these reasons, they are ideal for running, jogging, or any rigorous training one undergoes. Also, they come in every size and various color options to choose from. The shoe is also famous for providing an excellent grip to the ground. So, it doesn’t matter what color a consumer go for since quality is unchanged.  

Pro’s Con’s
Durable and flexible in use The sole is uncomfortable at times.
Fits any size of feet Double stitching at various places makes it look untidy.


We hope you found the detailed review on the top 9 best running shoes in India under 1000 rupees, helpful for you. Make your choice taking into account your likes and preferences. Happy shopping 😍

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